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Our Customized, Full-Service Safety Programs

The Premier One-Stop Shop for Emergency Health & Safety

Our SOS Oxygen & OHS program is fully customizable to suit your workplace requirements with options including Emergency Oxygen Equipment, First Aid Training, First Aid Supplies and AED’s if preferred. All health & safety programs include lunch and learn seminars, CPR and Workplace Emergency First Aid Training. With our wide selection of products and services we can be your one stop health & safety provider.

The Benefits of Customized Programs

Customized programs ensure that your business is provided the security and peace of mind you deserve by offering a range of services that match your specific needs. Our health and safety representatives will tailor a unique combination of training and equipment to suit your environment. Overall, customized programs are:


  • Efficient and Cost Effective
  • Well Suited and Adjusted for Specific Environments
  • Overseen and Constructed by Trained Professionals
  • Offer Assurance and Peace of Mind
  • Are Well Maintained Once Set Up

SOS Workplace Health & Safety Program:

The SOS Oxygen & OHS program combines equipment and training to prepare you and your employees for hazardous situations.

  • Full service health & safety program for the workplace that includes the SOS Emergency Oxygen Unit, service & maintenance, & first aid training
  • SOS oxygen unit is the only fully automated oxygen unit on the market with simple and easy to use “On/Off” system available in several different carry case options
  • You are never without emergency oxygen equipment
  • Allows the user to respond to any medical emergency in the workplace with confidence

The program can be explored in further detail through the following pages.

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Emergency Oxygen
First Aid Supplies
Emergency Supplies
First Aid Training

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