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Our Courses

For more information or to schedule a class please email: training@sostech.ca

Emergency Response Training (ERT 1 hour)

  • Annual non-certification, no charge seminar on your premises
  • Developed to teach the basic procedures to help sustain life until medical help arrives
  • What to do in case of an emergency
  • The importance and administration of the SOS Oxygen Unit
  • Risk factors, signs, symptoms and how to proceed in case of heart attack or stroke

Emergency Preparedness Seminar (EQT 1 hour) – Currently available for Greater Vancouver only

  • Annual non-certification, no charge seminar on your premises
  • Prepare and minimize downtime in the workplace
  • What to do before an earthquake
  • How to protect yourself during an earthquake
  • What to do after an earthquake
  • Do you have a plan?

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (4 or 6 hours)

  • All levels of CPR courses available
  • All courses required to meet government regulations
  • All training performed on your premises
  • Inquire about additional programs

Workplace First Aid Courses

  • Included in your SOS Workplace Health & Safety Program is access to The Red Cross First Aid Course on site at your premises and around your schedule.
  • Staff learn life saving skills and CPR for the workplace and home
  • Meets provincial legislation for worker safety
  • 3 Year certification

SOS Emergency Response Technologies has several educational seminars and first aid course to meet your needs. Training options are part of the SOS Workplace Health & Safety Program.

The SOS Workplace Health & Safety Program is customized to each workplace specifications:

  • We offer on site training at your place of business
  • Flexible class scheduling around your schedule
  • We provide most levels of CPR & Workplace First Aid Courses for B.C. & Alberta
  • Preferred pricing for SOS clients

“Training should be considered before an accident, not after”

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