Our Courses

Emergency Response Training (ERT 1 hour)

  • Annual non-certification, no charge seminar on your premises
  • Developed to teach the basic procedures to help sustain life until medical help arrives
  • What to do in case of an emergency
  • The importance and administration of the SOS Oxygen Unit
  • Risk factors, signs, symptoms and how to proceed in case of heart attack or stroke

Emergency Preparedness Seminar (EQT 1 hour)

  • Annual non-certification, no charge seminar on your premises
  • Prepare and minimize downtime in the workplace
  • What to do before an earthquake
  • How to protect yourself during an earthquake
  • What to do after an earthquake
  • Do you have a plan?

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (4 or 6 hours)

  • All levels of CPR courses available
  • All courses required to meet government regulations
  • All training performed on your premises
  • Inquire about additional programs

Emergency First Aid / WorkSafeBC Level 1

  • Included in your SOS Workplace Health & Safety Program is access to the Red Cross Emergency First Aid Course ( WorkSafeBC Level 1 equivalent ) on site at your premises and around your schedule.
  • Staff learn life saving skills and CPR for the workplace and home
  • Meets provincial legislation for worker safety
  • 3 Year certification

Through partnerships with Fahrenheit Fitness & Safety Consultants and the Canadian Red Cross, SOS Emergency Response Technologies has several educational seminars and first aid course to meet your needs. Training options are part of the SOS Workplace Health & Safety Program.

The SOS Workplace Health & Safety Program is customized to each workplace specifications:

  • We offer on site training at your place of business
  • Flexible class scheduling around your schedule
  • We provide all levels of CPR & Workplace Emergency First Aid (OFA 1)
  • Preferred pricing for SOS clients

“Training should be considered before an accident, not after”

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