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Air Horn – 1.4oz 115db SA1000

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This air horn is a lightweight, portable, long-lasting safety horn with push button operation, is built for reliability, and is totally independent of any other power source. It delivers a 115b blast, is loud enough to be heard up to 1 mile away and is small enough to stow anywhere. Easy to operate push button. Compact size. Meets USCG Requirements.

  • 115 dB sound
  • Loud enough to be heard up to 1 mile
  • USCG Certified
  • Up to 70 blasts (1 second blast)
  • 1.4 oz. (39 g)

Easy to use:

Attach horn to air canister. Depress button to sound the horn. Use short blasts. Pushing the button down and holding will diminish the sound quality and volume level.