If an earthquake hit BC…..

Would you know what to expect? Would you know what to do? According to the Vancouver Sun, if a catastrophic earthquake (7.3 or higher) hit

  • 10,000 dead across Metro Vancouver,
  • 128,000 serious injuries
  • 30% of Vancouver buildings would be extensively damaged

With Shakeout BC www.shakeoutbc.ca 10 days away this is a good time to review your family emergency plans & check emergency supplies on hand. Don’t be caught in an emergency situation unprepared. The power failure that hit Vancouver in the summer is a perfect example of how preparation and planning can save you and your family from unnecessary stress and difficulties. For as little as $140 – a family of 4 can be full prepared for any emergency for 72 hours. We even have kits for the car.

1 person 72 hour economy kit

    1 person 72 hour economy kit