By Mandy Glanville, Client Care coordinator

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How many times have you driven past someone on the road having car difficulties thinking to yourself, “glad that isn’t me” or “I wonder if they need help?” Maybe you have witnessed someone stuck in a parking lot asking strangers if they have jumper cables.

What if either of these situations happened to you? Are you prepared? Myself, I never really thought about it when I got my first car. Sure, I had to change a flat tire once but those tools came included. Then my car broke down and died and left me stranded at the side of the road. I had nothing, my BCAA had expired and it was the middle of a weekday which meant I had no friends or family available to come and help me. After that I learnt my lesson and bought myself a Road-Side Assistance Kit.

Here at SOS Emergency Response Technologies, we don’t want you to learn the hard way. So we want you to know about our Automotive Economy Road Warrior Kit – SQ6007 $48.90 and how it can help you in an emergency situation.

SOS - Automotive Road-Side Assistance Kit

This kit includes:
• 30 minute high intensity light stick
• Flashlight
• Reflecting Triangle
These first few items are useful and could be crucial to your safety if you have a road side emergency in the dark.

• Leather Work Gloves
These gloves come in handy for most situations and can help give you a better grip on whatever you are trying to fix.

• Jumper Cables
• Tow Rope
The jumper cables may be a bit more self-explanatory than the tow rope. You may not think you need a tow rope unless you’re more of the off-roading type but there are still medians along the highway as well as ditches.

• Duct Tape
• Utility Knife
These two items speak for themselves don’t they?

• Solar Blanket
• Waterproof Poncho
• Drinking Water
• Whistle
• Help Sign
Most people think these items are for more dire emergencies but they can come in handy and help you feel a little more comfortable during an emergency. If you don’t have power in your car the solar blanket can help you stay warm while you are waiting for help to arrive. If you have a long wait the drinking water is on hand to keep you hydrated. The poncho can help keep you dry if it is raining and you have to change your tire. Most importantly the help sign and whistle can be used to get people’s attention. As I mentioned, you probably have driven by people broken down on the highway, but how do you know if they need help or not? Having this sign can help you grab a Good Samaritan’s attention to help you out if you need it.

All these items come in a heavy duty back pack that you can just throw in the trunk of your car. The items only fill up the backpack half way so there is room to add a few extra items you may think you need. A couple food bars and a compass for the campers or off roader types since you may get stuck in more remote areas. Zip ties, a small tool kit, maybe a few coloring books and crayons if you have kids to make sure you have something on hand to keep them distracted.

You could also add our Automobile First Aid Kit – FK1024that will fit right inside so that you are prepared for any injuries that may happen.

Not only will this kit help you out for any roadside emergency but it will also come in handy in case emergency strikes while you are on the road. Some people think to have preparedness kits for their home and workplace but nothing in their cars. Think about how much time you spend in your car on a daily basis and the likelihood of an emergency happening while you are on the road.

This is a perfect gift for family or friends to show that you care for their safety or for yourself so you don’t have to learn the hard way like I did.