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First Aid Kit – WorkSafeBC Basic FK1025


The WorkSafeBC OHS Guidelines list the recommended minimum contents for each level of kit.  Once you've completed a first aid risk assessment of your workplace, you can refer to Schedule 3-A to determine which level of first aid kit you will need. Remember: for all levels, items must be kept clean, dry, and accessible. It's also recommended that you assign an individual to check the kits regularly, restocking items as needed.

WorkSafeBC Basic First Aid Kit, Softbag

6 14 cm x 19 cm wound cleansing towelettes, individually packaged
10 Sterile adhesive dressings, assorted sizes, individually packaged
6 10 cm x 10 cm sterile gauze dressings, individually packaged
1 10 cm x 16.5 cm sterile pressure dressings with crepe ties
1 Cotton triangular bandage,  minimum length of base 1.25 m
1 14 cm stainless steel bandage scissors or universal scissors
1 2.5 cm x 4.5 m adhesive tape
1 7.5 cm x 4.5 m crepe roller bandage
3 Pairs of medical gloves (preferably non-latex)
3 Medical Masks **
1 Safety Eyewear**
1 Waterproof waste bag

**COVID19 - WorkSafeBC Updated Protocols June 2020

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