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In 20+ years of purchasing products for SOS Emergency Response Technologies, I have never encountered what feels like The Wild West of purchasing.

We have been able to resource, retool, and/or find manufacturers and have most PPE products locally made in BC and/or Canada. However, it has been almost impossible to find gloves (nitrile or latex) locally. The only alternative is to continue to try to work with our manufacturers and factories overseas. However, it has become very challenging to obtain products out of the country right now. The factories are auctioning off their production capacity to the highest bidder and orders are for cash upfront.  Even bought and paid for orders with factories have been stolen out from under us by people paying a higher price.

For the first time in 20 years, we are sourcing anything we can from any place we can, and what is coming in is from different suppliers, not necessarily in regular packaging because we have to just use whatever is available. We are not price gouging, we are doing our best to keep our profit margins the same as what they were prior to this pandemic. The struggling Canadian dollar and the Wild West mentality of bidding out the goods are resulting in higher costs to clients. It is our hope this situation will improve in the next couple of months and encourage our clients to not over-buy.

We thank our clients for the continued patronage and patience during this unprecedented time. Stay safe and wash your hands.