At this time of the year I often get asked what items should be added to first aid kits.


 Additional Recommended Items For First Aid Kit

Include any personal items such as medications and keep a note inside of emergency phone numbers (your doctor, hospital, contacts…). You might also consider keeping an inventory note of your First Aid Kit contents so you can resupply later if items are withdrawn.

Check the kit regularly for expiration dates and refill any supplies that have been used.

Consider keeping a small LED flashlight inside the kit.

Pain relievers and fever reducer. Depending on your preferences and medical conditions, consider keeping any of the following – Acetaminophen for fever and pain, Ibuprofen for muscle pain, and Aspirin for fever and pain (Aspirin not for children under 15).

After Bite – to deal with those nasty insect bites

Allergy medications,  Antacids,  Chap-stick,  Eye wash, eye drops,  Burn gel

Do you have any other ideas to add?