Some of my friends call me a pessimist…. I think I am a realistic, well-prepared person. Should there ever be a major disaster, or a minor one for that matter, I know my family and I might be on our own for days – maybe even weeks. I want to BE PREPARED. But then again, I am the mom who always has the extra sunscreen, water, and snacks! Most people say,  ‘I’ll get my emergency kits tomorrow,’ and tomorrow never comes. But I think: What if it happens tonight? What if you put it off and you’re sitting with your family? You don’t want to sit there wishing you had listened to that inner voice do you? You can put emergency preparedness kits in your home, car, office and more. But why run around trying to collect everything? Afterall, you are busy person. For as little as $150 CAD a family of four can have a starter home kit:

  • backpack (you need those hands free)
  • 4 x 3600 calorie food bars (shelf life 5 years)
  • 24 x sterile water packets (shelf life 5 years)
  • 1 x pkg of 20 water purification tablets
  • 1 x hand crank flashlight, radio & USB cell phone charger
  • 4 x 12hr light sticks
  • 4 x whistles
  • 4 x ponchos
  • 4 x rolls of toilet tissue
  • 4 x dust masks
  • 4 x solar blanket
  • 1 x signal mirror
  • 1 x pr safety glasses
  • 1 x pr work gloves
  • 1 x “Call Police” sign
4 person 72hr emergency preparedness grab n' go backpack

4 person 72hr emergency preparedness grab n’ go backpack